Thursday, October 8, 2009

In cleaning out the boat for winter storage I noticed that I hadn't captured the changes to the interior. There are a set of cushions that came with the boat, but they are pretty nasty. The problem seems to be that condensation collects under the cushion and keeps them constantly wet. Not good.

I had gotten some interlocking foam mat pieces at a tag sale and decided to use them inside. They do make crawling around in the cabin comfortable. They too get wet where they lie on the fiberglass. They haven't shown any ill effects yet.

If you find anything of interest here,
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  1. Nice job with the blog. I will check back again to see more.


  2. I have found some very good info, I am working on a newport 17 and already see some things I will be doing on mine.

  3. Just bought an Award Newport 16 myself that's just been sitting for the last 4 years, so I've got alot ahead of me. I'm interested in any and all things regarding these boats and will bookmark your posts.

  4. Lots of interesting info! I have a Newport 16 as well and enjoy seeing what others have done with their boats...lots of ideas!
    Seems we all have trouble with water seeping in around the keel trunk....

  5. great blog. love your writing


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