Monday, September 28, 2009

Spinnaker time

We need sails. I contacted Jeff at . I told him I needed a main and a jib, but that a spinnaker would be more fun.

They designed a sail for a Newport 16 with a 30" bowsprit.

The kit included everything to make the sail including 770 yards of thread. The most interesting of the materials supplied was basting tape. I had never used it before, and it sure makes sewing easy! It is double sided tape. Put it on one surface, pull off the backing tape and paste the other piece of fabric to it. The spinnaker has all curved edges to sew together. It would be very slow sewing without the basting.

The dog in the picture is Delbert. We tell people he is a Borderline Collie.

I sewed the sail on my zig-zag Singer purchased at a tag sale for $5. The corners have 3 layers of stiff sail cloth and 4 layers of the ripstop nylon. The machine sewed through all of them with no problem.

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