Friday, September 2, 2011

How not to paint

It has been a long time between posts!

The Aluthane paint I used to seal the hull stood up well last season. The aluminum color was not all that attractive so I decided to paint it with white enamel. I suspect that 3 days of curing is not enough! Anyway, the paint that was underwater came off in large sheets. Whether it would adhere with a longer cure is not known.


  1. How did the product Alumathane do on the fiberglass. Did it stick or come off too? I have a Bluenosse Sloop with crazing of the glass and was wondering it this product woul dfil the cracks and make a sound bottom.


    1. Aluthane stayed on fine. It went two seasons as the hull finish. This year I painted over it with high quality house paint using a roller. It came out great!


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