Sunday, September 18, 2011

Masthead light

I was looking at the cheap solar lights at Walmart thinking what a great masthead light they would make. I laid in bed thinking of all the cleaver mounts I could create to attach the light to the mast. Finally settled on drilling and tapping the mast for  2 bolts. I'm sure that sheetmetal screws would do as well.

I was sailing in the middle of the lake and a splash caught my attention. It appeared to be a hockey puck. I had no idea what it could be or where it came from. Later I noticed that the starlike light was no longer emanating from the top of the mast. I figured it must be a bad connection or dead battery or something. When I lowered the mast to move the spinnaker halyard I discovered that the whole light unit that screws into the top of the globe was missing! That explained the mysterious hockey puck apparition. It wasn't the opening salvo of an alien invasion.

With this replacement light I added the wire tie through a hole drilled in the light to keep the base from unscrewing. I probably should have evaluated the connection of the post to the light as well, but so far it is staying together.

This certainly doesn't meet the requirements for an anchor light, but it is pretty. Also highlights the fact that an anchor light at the top of a mast is not a good idea. I frequently mistake it for a star when looking out at the mooring.

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